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2017/2018 Stephanie Schmiderer and Katrin Wölger organized "Hors Lits Wien" 1-6

"Hors Lits",  pronounced "ORLÌ" = French and means "Out of bed", "Outside of bed", "Off-Bed". 

The idea was founded by Leonardo de Montecchia (Company La Mentira) in France in 2005 and brings special performance events to different private spaces.

In Vienna Stephanie Schmiderer und Katrin Wölger further developed this concept and in 2019 created the Vienna SALONPARCOURS.


Areas covered so far:

Participating artists since 2017:

Vienna Map

Berenice Pahl

Peta Klotzberg

Bernd Watzka

Franziska Helmreich

Doris Pitour


Sophie Lusty

Stefan Czurda

Jasmin Avissar

Birgit Stoeger

Luca Bonamore

Niko Naderer

Veronika Merklein

Pasi Mäkelä

Ruth Biller

Stephanie Schmiderer

Lola Pfeifer

Bryan Benner

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