The Vienna SALONPARCOURS includes artistic events that create alternative spaces for encounters between artists, spectators, residents and visitors. These events are guided tours through a Viennese Neighbourhood, during which the participants visit three to four private spaces (salons in a broader sense). Salons: these can be living rooms, workshops, studios or even gardens or garages.

At each location the audience watches an artistic performance of about 20 minutes. 

The SALONPARCOURS creates places of encounter and stages where none existed before, where one would not expect them. With cross-disciplinary events, art also enters into the living environment of hosts and neighbours, while at the same time the audience experiences new corners of their city.  Hosts do not seek culture, culture seeks them. What follows is an open fluid togetherness, a salon of the 21st century.

The walk from salon to salon takes a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes. It is conducted by two actor-guides as a performative and local history tour. A tour lasts about two hours.

with the friendly support of:

City of Vienna, MA 7, Cultural Commission Districts: Floridsdorf, Neubau, Margareten

Dr. Andrea Kriegler, Weingut Polczer